Nadège Young

Nadège Young has been the Chief Operating Officer for Argos Multilingual in Krakow, Poland and SH3 Inc. in Kansas City, for the last 4 years.

Having been in the localization industry for more than 25 years, she started her career as a French translator at P.H. Brink and learned first-hand the complexity of the translation process. She helped pioneer the use of Machine Translation and Computer Aided Tools for the company and quickly moved into a management role. 
She was instrumental in creating the key management system for the company which focused on operational efficiencies as well as full blown automation between client and the company. From there she was actively shaping the direction of the company and was a key player in the due diligence that led to the sale of the company to Merrill Corporation. 

With the company now called Merrill Brink, Nadège led global Operations and focused on integrating two companies into one platform. 

She moved on to consult for Boston Scientific and applied her expertise in localization quality and efficiencies through technology which has won her award and recognition. She also implemented a localization supplier management program and the often non-existent error management process.

Having moved back to the supplier side, Nadège works with multinational companies, large and small and brings with her experience and expertise at all levels of the localization maturity model.