Exhibitor and Sponsor Profiles

  • Argos Multilingual

    Argos Multilingual is a leading global language solutions provider specialising in high-quality translations in the medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical research and life sciences industries. 
  • Bracane Company

    The Bracane Company is an international consultancy research firm that conducts regulatory audits, monitoring and evaluations in clinical research, health program evaluation, wellness behaviors and outcomes research. 
  • Fortress Medical Systems

    Fortress Medical Systems’ offers Clindex a fully integrated CDMS/CTMS/EDC specifically designed for the medical device industry.

    MEDEI improves health by combining medical expertise and engineering - specialized in design and development of medical device software, and data solutions for healthcare
  • MedicSense

    MedicSense assists Medical Devices manufacturers dealing with clinical, regulatory and QA requirements. We provide technical and regulatory services from early stages of the product to certification (FDA, CE etc.), design pre-clinical/clinical trials, CRO activities, establishment of QMSs, Israeli Registration Holder, EAR, U.S. Agent and Standards Review

    NAMSA is a Medical Research Organization (MRO), accelerating product development through integrated laboratory, clinical and consulting services.
  • Private Institute of Applied Ophthalmology Berlin

    The Private Institute of Applied Ophthalmology Berlin deals with the eye and the visual system in collaboration with clinical institutions, industry organizations and the Ethics Committee.